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HALOŽAN (Khalozhan)

Short description:


Probably the first litre-bottled wine in the world with a gold medal!

Very light and fresh! A modern, harmonious and very drinkable wine!

In the USA it has gained the reputation of the world's most dangerous wine. Why? Because you just cannot stop drinking it, they say!

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Colour, aroma and taste: 

On the nose, the Haložan wine offers us a good mix of fresh floral aromatics, which combines with shades of fruit, especially apples, due to the large number of sunny hours.

Clean pleasant aromatics leads to the freshness in the mouth, because the wine is light, youthful and distinctly fruity. Sugar residue is well complemented with juicy acid, while its refined taste and pleasant body escort the wine to a well-rounded whole.

Vintage: 2017

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Wine type:
Grape variety:
Blend of Haloze hills grape varieties
11,5% vol
Light and refreshing wine
Mature / Fresh:
Bottle Size:
1,0 L
Closure type:
Ptujska Klet

The sommelier recommends

Food pairing: Proponents of spritzer know that the nicest fit to Haložan wine is an equal share of carbonated mineral water, while it also impresses as an independent wine in the company of good food

Aging potential: up to 2 years

Serving temperature: 8˚C


Haložan 2016:

GOLD MEDAL AWC Vienna 2017;

SILVER MEDAL Gornja radgona 2017

Haložan 2015:



Alcohol by volume: 11,5 % vol
Acids: 6,4 g/l

Residual sugar: 9,5 g/l


Production method


Diverse geological structure composed mainly of gravel and clay with a layer of marl usually covering the lower layers. The vineyards are spread over the finest winegrowing sites in the hills around the town of Ptuj. Grapes are cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner, the so-called integrated cultivation, under the careful supervision of the agronomic counselling service and the oenologists of the Ptuj Wine Cellar. The vines are trained in the double »guyot« pruning.



Early and warm spring was promising a nice and sunny weather also in its continuation. Vigorous growth of the vine slowed down quite quickly and in some places, it completely stopped due to frost in the end of April, which affected quite a few vineyards throughout the region. Optimistically warm and dry summer did not affect the vine except for some hail that appeared in August, but it helped grow beautiful grapes of superior maturity and good quality. Beautiful and warm first part of the harvest gave us wonderful grapes, while the second part with more precipitation, spoiled the idyllic harvesting a bit, but only to the extent that the quality of the grapes did not suffer noticeable consequences.



Haložan is a harmony of wines from several varieties, which were intended for this creation and have been nurtured each separately, because we wanted to extract from every variety the maximum of what it has to offer and still maintain the fingerprint of nature, which gives the wine Haložan its visibility and authenticity. Like with all other wines from the Ptuj Wine Cellar also with Haložan we put emphasis on 100 percent protective technology.

Grape veriety: White variety (mainly Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Furmint and other typical varieties)

The wine story

We find it in most inns and it is very much present in the cafes. Some say it is the best as a spritzer, although in recent years it has also enthused those who would like to drink something light and fresh. Today Halozan is a modern, harmonious and very drinkable wine.

Its beginnings date back to the sixties, when the director of the Ptuj winery Jani Gönc »invented« the wine. He got inspiration for it in Alsace.
His basic idea was to offer to the market a wine with geographical origin and offer Slovenian drinkers something that would nicely and unaggressively mix with mineral water. We must know that at that time there were almost no bottled wines around; people drank table "open" wines, which were largely the basis for a spritzer.
Base for Haložan thus includes all the typical varieties that grow in Haloze hills, where vineyards for Ptuj Winery are: Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling, White Pinot, Chardonnay, Furmint, Sauvignon and minimum Muscat additives.
Success was perfect and Haložan became an everyday wine in a multitude of Slovenian homes and nearby cafes.
It sells nearly a million bottles a year, from 2017 also in the USA, where it has gained the reputation of the world's most dangerous wine. Why? Because you just cannot stop drinking it, they say.

However, regardless of periods and technologies, Haložan has certain constants:
  • blend of varieties described above,
  • alcohol is between 9.5 and 12.5 percent,
  • it is a semi-dry wine with 9 to 12 g of residual sugar.
  • it must be fresh, fruity, must express primary aromas and be clean.
And most importantly. Only the best handpicked grapes are good enough for Haložan. Thus, the vintage 2016, as most probably the first litre-bottled wine in the world, proudly boosts with the gold medal from the world's largest international rating - AWC Vienna 2017.

For 55 years, we have been drinking it properly chilled, in the right company, with good food, responsibly and moderately. Each glass of Haložan you drink, every bottle you give away, with its sincere and genuine heartiness of terroir, brings into the world a part of You as well. Cheers!

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