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The wine for every day and contemporary style. It especially appeals to those who love its acidic taste

A light, fresh, drinkable wine with very low alcohol content up to 10% vol.

The wine does not contain and fermented sugar, so it is also appropriate for diabetics.

Read more about the Krško Klet

Colour, aroma and taste: the wine has light red color with a ruby shade and pleasant fresh fruit aroma, resembling raspberries, strawberries and currant.

The wine excites with its mild taste of high quality which is proven by numerous awards received at the wine compatitions. As the wine does not contain any fermented sugar, it especially appeals to those who love its acidic taste.

Today Cviček ptp is protected within the European Union with the mark PTP, recognised traditional denomination, which ensures its high quality and at the same time sets strict rules, according to which it can only be produced in its one homeland, Dolenjska. This is what makes it unique. 

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Blend of original Slovenian grape varieties
10% vol
Light and refreshing wine
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1,0 L
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Krško Klet


Gold medal at Vino Slovenija 2017



The sun-kissed, colourful hilly landscape of the Dolenjska winegrowing district, its fertile soil, specific climate and diligent hands write their own story in the world's palette of extraordinary wines. Centuries of practice have instructed our winemakers in the creation of quality premium wines, most notably the international specialty Cviček PTP. Our wines express the terroir and geographical origins of Dolenjska, the single officially recognized home of Cviček PTP.


The international wine specialty Cviček PTP is a wine with centuries of history. It is unique for its officially recognized traditional blend of red and white varieties, an exception in European wine legislation.

Cviček with a recognized traditional denomination (PTP) from the Krško Wine Cellar excites with its gentle flavour of compelling quality, proven by a number of wine competition awards. It pleases with its bright ruby colour, invitingly fresh fruity aroma of raspberries, strawberries and red currant, and great drinkability. Cviček is a dry wine with low alcohol volume, 10 % at most. Light, fresh, enjoyable yet lively, going down smoothly on any occasion, Cviček PTP is just the wine for the modern man.

With its PTP mark, Cviček is protected by the European Union with the status of recognized traditional denomination. The PTP is a mark of quality, defining strict rules of production in itsonly officially recognized homeland, the winegrowing district of Dolenjska, Slovenia. Certainly unique!


Cviček PTP from the Krško Wine Cellar goes great with relaxed and playful company. It is an excellent wine for daily enjoyment, quite perfect for the contemporary lifestyle.

In addition to its great flavour, Cviček PTP boasts a range of health benefits, having significantly less alcohol content and more acidity than other wines. In his book Cviček: Beverage, Food and Medicine Dr. Peter Kapš, MD, establishes Cviček's many beneficial effects on digestion, being a natural stimulant of digestive organs, boosting appetite, dispelling drowsiness, promoting circulation, helping those with low stomach acid as well as those with increased blood pressure. Since it has no residual sugar, it is also quite suitable for diabetics.


Food Pairing

Going down smoothly like no other, ruby reddish and translucent, invitingly fresh and fruity, with hints of raspberry, strawberry and currant – Cviček PTP from the Krško Wine Cellar, the perfect start to a merry event, especially when paired with choice dishes. It's already splendid as an aperitif, exciting the taste buds with its freshness and moderate acidity, preparing for the adventures to come. Let the banquet begin! Few delights surpass serving choice dry meats with a glass of premium Cviček. Add still-warm bread straight from the oven, and the enjoyment is heavenly indeed. Pork and sausage likes the happy-go-lucky wine of Dolenjska, too, and so do juicy roasts of this or that meat, going down splendidly with a glass of Cviček. Just mind the temperature, since Cviček's aromas are best experienced between 12 to 14 °C. At any rate, its lightness and pleasant texture fit just about any occasion. Having no residual sugar, diabetics can enjoy some as well.


The sommelier recommends

Food pairing: It is a perfect companion to many dishes since it compliments various different tastes with its lightness and vivacity, and especially appropriate with dried meat and meat dishes.

Aging potential: drink within 1-2 years

Serving temperature: 12-14˚C



Alcohol by volume: up to 10% vol
Acids: 6,3 g/l

Residual sugar: 2,4. As the wine does not contain any fermented sugar, it is appropriate fo diabetics


Production method

Cviček is a true wine specialty, made of reddish, red and white grape verieties. Red and white grape varieties are blended in a 70:30 ratio. Of the red grapes the Žametovka veriety predominates, and Kraljevina (other names: Imbrina, Moravina) is the main white grape. The composition of a good Cviček will also combine smaller quantities of Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch), Laški Rizling (Welschriesling) and Rumeni Plavec.

Žametovka is is one of the oldest domesticated grape varieties in Slovenia. Its other names: Kavcina Crna, Kapcina Kavtchina, Koelner blau, Koelner Blauer, Zametasta Crnina, Zametna Crnina and Zametnina Crnina.

Žametovka grapes contain a record amount of antioxidants and polyphenols which are very good for health.


Below is the description by Bob Ramsak, a Ljubljana, Slovenia-based reporter, photographer and blogger, and nis web-page Piran Cafe

What Is Cviček?

An introduction to the uniquely Slovenian red and white blend.

The short answer: a dry, tart red and white blend produced only in the Dolenjska district, thus very much a uniquely Slovenian concoction.

The longer answer: Cviček is a dry, tart red and white blend produced in the Dolenjska district of southeast Slovenia. It’s generally light in alcohol, weighing in between 8.5 and 10%. Its composition varies by vintage and producer, but is generally composed of about 65 percent red –40-50 percent žametna črnina and 15-20 percent Modra Frankinja– and about 35 percent white –10 do 15 percent Kraljevina, upwards of 10 percent Laški Rizlinga, and with Rumeni Plavec, Zeleni Silvanec, Bela žlahtnina, and/or Ranfol making up the rest.

It’s generally a light ruby in color, with cherry and raspberry aromas. Drink it young.

The name? It’s an archaic Slovenian word for –wait for it– sour wine. It’s believed that it began as a red blend with whites added to alter its acidity and make it more drinkable. It can’t go higher than 10% alcohol; during hot growing seasons that raise sugar levels in the grapes, more žametna črnina, a wine with lower alcohol levels, will be added.

It’s very popular, especially near its home in the southeast corner of the country, but until a handful of years ago, was not considered a “serious” wine. That’s been changing in recent years as a younger generation of winemakers take the blend more seriously. That was evidenced at the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards, where Frelih's 2016 Cviček Od Fare received a ‘commended’ rating, a first rating of any kind for the blend.

It’s also one of only a few wines with the designation Priznano Tradicionalno Poimenovanje (PTP), or recognized traditional designation, reserved for wines with regional (in this case district) traditional distinction.


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