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Predicate and Dessert Wines

Verduc / Verduzzo, Light to Medium-bodied wine, 0,5 L, Slovenia


Beautiful pair for fruity desserts!

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An indigenous sweet variety reminiscent of acacia in bloom.

Colour: Named after the slightly greenish hue reflecting in its straw yellow colour.

Aroma: The leaves of wild strawberry followed by a pleasant aroma of acacia blossoms.

Taste: Sweet but fresh at the same time so it pairs perfectly with fruity desserts.

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Blend: Peach + Zelen, Light and refreshing wine, 0,75 L, Slovenia


Amazingly peach aroma! Once tasted, this wine will stay in your home collection for sweet evenings!

Color, aroma and taste: Peach wine is made from the best wine peaches – a special sort of peaches - the small ones with intense aroma and taste, and a local grape variety Zelen. Peaches and grapes are taken in equal proportion 50:50. The total process of making this wine is quite similar to production of regular wines. This wine has very lovely aroma of peaches combined with floral notes of Zelen and hint of almonds. The taste is light and playful.

Perfect aperitif! Pares well with sweet deserts, or instead of deserts 

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Refosco, 0,75 L, Slovenia


For warm evenings with friends or alone...

Colour, aroma and taste: amazingly rich color and very special aroma of marzipan!  

The wine gets its special aroma and taste due to ancient recipe and adding some fruids and almonds in the process of wine production. Floris sweet wine is made from Refosco grapes - very typical grape variety for Slovenian Istria.

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Pikolit / Piccolito, Light to Medium-bodied wine, 0,5 L, Slovenia


Gold medal winner at Italian and Slovene wine competitions!

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The indigenous sweet variety, once meant for nobility

Colour: Antique gold with warm shades

Aroma: Invigorating bouquet reminiscent of field flowers, white peach, ripe fig and acacia honey.

Taste: An outstandingly complex, warm and smooth wine, harmonically intertwining the sensations of sweetness and sharpness.

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Blend: Rebula + Chardonnay, Light to Medium-bodied wine, 0,5 L, Slovenia


Warm taste for meditation!

Gold medal winner at Slovene wine competition!

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Wine for meditation. The right choice when reading your favourite book or listening to music.

Colour: Charming amber glitter

Aroma: Tempting scent of raisins, dried apricots, peaches and chestnut honey.

Taste: Smooth, rich taste with ripe fruit note and a long finish.

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Blend: Rhine Riesling + Welschriesling + Chardonnay + Yellow Muscat, Medium-bodied wine, 0,75 L, Slovenia


An absolute Gold medal winner at International competitions!

Perfect wine with royal, rich taste

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Colour, aroma and taste:

Wine is of straw-gold color. On the smell we are greeted by the glorious aromatics of dried fruit, with peach and tropical fruit in the lead.

They are discreetly enveloped by honey note where the smell of hazelnut unobtrusively joins in.

The taste is royal, rich, full, rounded and incredibly harmonious. Lively acid does not allow sugar to hesitate, but it rather escorts it into an intensively long, G - wine typical, aftertaste filled with dried fruit and freshness of citruses.

Perfect wine!

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Merlot, Medium-bodied wine, 0,375 L, Slovenia


A very special wine, sweetish and perfect as an aperitif

Color, aroma and taste: This special Merlot has a color of mature red wines with aroma reminiscent of forest fruits jam, smoked dried plums and raisins. The wine is a sweetish and perfect as an aperitif. It is durable. The wine is made of Merlot grapes that are harvested in their full maturity. The grapes are dried approximately until January when they reach the optimal content of dry matter. 

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