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Blend of Haloze hills grape varieties, Light and refreshing wine, 1,0 L, Slovenia


Probably the first litre-bottled wine in the world with a gold medal!

Very light and fresh! A modern, harmonious and very drinkable wine!

In the USA it has gained the reputation of the world's most dangerous wine. Why? Because you just cannot stop drinking it, they say!

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Colour, aroma and taste: 

On the nose, the Haložan wine offers us a good mix of fresh floral aromatics, which combines with shades of fruit, especially apples, due to the large number of sunny hours.

Clean pleasant aromatics leads to the freshness in the mouth, because the wine is light, youthful and distinctly fruity. Sugar residue is well complemented with juicy acid, while its refined taste and pleasant body escort the wine to a well-rounded whole.

Vintage: 2017

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