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Great value for less money - discover the delights of Slovenian wine

Slovenia is a trully paradise for wine lovers and wine experts. Even the most picky wine connoisseur will be fascinated by a vast selection this country has to offer. Slovenia is a land of outstanding wines.

It offers the best and at the same time – the least known wines in the world. Due to their long-standing «hidden gem» status, Slovenian wines are very reasonably priced till now: almost all of the wine produced in Slovenia stays in Slovenia.


70% of all wines produced in Slovenia fall into «premium wines» segment, with only 30% being regular table wines.


Slovenia is a tiny and  beautiful country with lots of different landscapes and influences. Historically Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then it was part of Austria, and then Yugoslavia. You can feel dirrerent influences in different parts of the country which also can be traced in the wine-making tradition.

Wines from the Istrian coastline often have an Italian and Mediterranean feel to them, while the wines of North Eastern Slovenia have a feel of Austrian purity about them.


Most of Slovenian wines are produced by small family-run wineres, with great passion for tradition and exceptional quality.

That is why Slovenian wines are truely boutique wines – very special, unique and produced in limited quantities.


We are happy to introduce you to a tiny country with the big wine culture.

Try! And judge for yourself…