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Discover the "hidden gem" of Slovenian wines

Wines from Slovenia are worth trying!

We truly believe that you will find these wines as extraordinary as we do.


Fresh or mature, dry or sweet, red or white – no matter what kind of wine you prefer. You will definitely find your favorite taste and character in a beautiful selection of Slovenian wines.


Slovenia has an old tradition of winemaking, and some of Slovenian wines can easily be put in line with famous French and Italian varieties.


With the influence of winemaking cultures like the Austrians and the French, it is no surprise that Slovenian vineyards have been producing high quality wines for many, many years.

Winemaking has existed in this region since the ancient times, long before the Romans would introduce winemaking to the lands of France, Spain and Germany.

Most of the country's wine production falls under the classification of premium wine with less than 30% classified as basic table wine.


You will reasonably ask: if Slovenian wines are so good why haven’t I heard about them before?


The answer is very simple. Slovenia is a very small country with only 2 million people. In spite of the fact that Slovenia has several wine-making regions and a lot of grape varieties they just do not produce much wine. And almost all the wine they produce they drink themselves.

This is the major reason why Slovenian wines are not being exported to other countries – a lot of Slovenian wine producers are able to sell all of their wines domestically, with some vintages in extremely high demand.

Slovenia offers the best and at the same time – the least known wines in the world. Due to their long-standing «hidden gem» status, Slovenian wines are very reasonably priced till now.


The exceptional quality and virtually unknown status of our wines will make even the most sophisticated and experienced wine-lovers stop and take a closer look at our wine selection.


It’s common knowledge that wine shopping comes down to branding and misconceptions. Customers gravitate to brands they know. As a result, Slovenian wines have often been overlooked — despite the fact that they rival famous world varieties.


A lot of Slovenian wines have been granted gold and silver medals in international competitions including the most famous like London Decanter, AWC Vienna and others.



Start your wonderful journey into the world of unknown and perfect wines of Slovenia.