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About the Goriška Brda Wine Cellar

The Wine Country on the Sunny Side of the Alps


Slovenia is Europe’s green treasure on the sunny side of the Alps, where the Germanic, Slavic and Roman cultures have intermingled for millennia. The country boasts a 2,400-year-old wine tradition. The unique climate, soil quality and terrain have made it one of the most interesting wine cultures in the world.

Although accounting only for 0.5% of European vineyards, the country produces some of the best wines in the world.


Brda is the enchanting westernmost region of Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

Its rolling hills, stretching from the emerald Soča River to Friuli in Italy, are dotted with houses and farms. The pleasant Mediterranean climate has created a perfect sanctuary for top-quality wines, luscious fruit and delectable olive oil. The tumultuous past, marked with fighting and friendships among the peoples of Central Europe, has profoundly co-shaped the equally lively and leisurely pace of life in Brda villages, where everything happens within the family circle and in harmony with visitors.




We believe that quality starts in vineyards. Seeing sustainability as the only right way forward, we have introduced integrated production of grapes.


Rebula is the most iconic variety of the Brda region, which can be traced back to Roman times. As a variety of a thousand faces, it holds a prominent place in all the brand lines of the Klet Brda winery.
The primary grape variety is Rebula (27%), followed by Merlot (20%), Chardonnay (16%), and Sauvignonasse or Sauvignon vert (12%). Other varieties grown in our vineyards include Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Pinot bianco, Picolit, Verduzzo, Pinot noir, and Syrah.

Our vineyards are planted on steep slopes and thus require a lot of manual labour. All the work is done by family members and friends, which enhances quality control. Throughout the world, this kind of production is known as heroic viticulture.

The climate in the Brda region combines the freshness of the Alps and the Mediterranean influences, producing wines with a broad spectrum of aromas. The hallmark of Brda wines is their minerality, which is due to a particular marl soil called opoka.

1,000 ha of wineyards. World's leading producer of Rebula.

70% of white and 30% of a



Home to Top Local Wines

The Goriška Brda Wine Cellar found its refuge in the underground, directly under the mighty Dobrovo Castle. It was constructed in 1957, at a time of a major reconstruction of vineyards, which placed the Brda region on the world wine map. The cellar is located 15 m below the ground – its two levels and tower house all types of wine barrels: from barriques to large Slavonian oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. Here our oenologists and cellarmen closely monitor the maturation of different styles of wines. We take particular pride in our rich archive collection, comprising 100,000 bottles of best vintage wines.

The Goriška Brda Wine Cellar annually produces 6–8 million litres of wine

The oldest wine in the archive collection is Rebula 1957