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New Arrivals

Welcome to YourSmartWine web-shop

We are so excited to welcome you at our first Slovenian wines' web-shop that you are going to love! Discover high value wines from that beaufitul and fruitful country - from the sunny side of the Alps!

Due to the differences in soil, climate, and cellaring methods, each wine-growing region has its own selection of varieties. Slovenian vineyards are located in the very centre of the European wine-growing belt. 

You will easily find excellent alternatives to your favorit premium French or Italian varieties without comprimising on taste and quality! And what is also important - at very, very reasonable, smart prices!

White or red, lushly aromatic, strong, full-bodied or light, dry or sweet – no matter what kind of wine you prefer - start your journey now and explore our beautiful selection of Slovenian wines!